We offer a complete service no matter how big or small. We will take care of jobs from the first ideas through to planning to a completely redecorated renovation. 

Loft Conversions

Our Company have installed a wide range of loft conversions. We have a team that have a fantastic reputation throughout the whole of Essex. A loft conversion is a perfect way to utilise the extra space within your home that you already own. It will mean that you do not lose any space around your property and a well-designed loft conversion will usually add around 20% to the value of your property. This is a cost effective way of expanding your home to add an office, playroom, or even an en-suite master bedroom.


An eyebrow dormer is a type of curved window that extends through the surface of a roof. This type of design detail originated with the Queen Anne or shingle style of architecture from the 19th century, and may date back even further to windows found on early English cottages. An eyebrow dormer serves as a shallow, rounded version of the traditional rectangular dormer window. Not all of these dormers incorporate a window, but on those that do, this glass opening is known as an eyebrow window. Roof eyebrows vary in size and design, and can be used to complement many types of building design.


Eyebrow dormers typically feature either a half-round or shallow circular shape.